About ATMA

About ATMA

ATMA is an autonomous institution set up at district level to ensure delivery of extension services to farmers . ATMA Governing Board is the apex body of ATMA which provides overall policy direction. ATMA Management Committee is the executive body looking after implementation of the scheme. District Farmers Advisory Committee is a body to provide farmers feedback for district level planning and implementation. With dedicated staff provided for the ATMA, it will continue to be the district level nodal agency responsible for overall management of agriculture extension system within the district, including preparation of Strategic Research and Extension plan (SREP).

The Block ATMA Cell consisting of Block Technology Team (BTT) (a team comprising officers of agriculture and other allied departments within the block) and Block Farmers Advisory Committee (BFAC) (a group exclusively consisting of selected farmers of the block) will prepare the Block Action Plan (BAP) and provide necessary extension support within the Block in its execution.

We provide 24/7 Kisan support.

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